Halloweenish Bat in 10 Steps!

This bat is an easy, haphazard project. It took me 4 episodes of Charlie and Lola (on DVD, so no commercials) to complete. Finn was ecstatic. He's been asking every day for a "flying bird," which of course means a Halloween Bat!

You will need:
• 3 pieces of felt
• Heavy duty thread (or embroidery thread) & needle
• A little filling (you can even take it out of a pillow around the house, if you need to)
• Elastic cord to make him a "bouncy bat" (optional)
• Only a very small amount of sewing skill.

Here we go!

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Kariane said...

I think it's hilarious that you measured the time it took you to make it in C & L episodes. Such a mom thing to do. Looks super cute!

KatieJ said...

SO cute- and I love Charlie and Lola!

Gretchen said...

How much fun is that :) I love it!