Dragonasaurus Rex

Finn's been feeling pretty junky. So when a surprise came in the mail from Aunt Kimmy in Mesa, Finn was excited. "Package, Mama! Open dinosaur package!" How he knew it was a dinosaur (well, actually dragon, but close enough), I'll never know. But inside was a Halloween costume just for Finn. He insisted on putting it on immediately. So here's a little sneak peek of my dragonasaur. Just wait until you see what I have in store for Maya. It's a hoot!

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Gretchen said...


April Kennedy said...

Oh I remember those days when they wore their costumes all day long! He looks so cute....but does have that yucky junky sick look, poor boy.

And so are you telling us Maya is going to be the most adorable owlie ever? I need to start working on Blake. I want him to be Elvis! He's not going for it right now. I'll keep trying though!

Rebecca Robison said...

hello lyndsay!
i came across your blog this morning from your friend dandee!

completely in love.

i somehow cannot get your email. would you email me at violetrobison@gmail.com so i can beautify my blog a bit?


Sarah Bradford-Burton said...

Finn makes a great dragonosaur. Especially if he'll use his t-rex/raptor hands! Poor little guy...hope he feels better soon.
I think I'm going to be Julia Child for halloween....is that crazy? Maybe you can help me think of a way to pull that off...