Corners of My House: Finn's Room

Cutest Danish alphabet poster (found HERE):
Finn's new quilt:Finn is sharing a room with Maya while we are in this house. Getting him to want to sleep in his own bed is tricky. So sometimes he shares a room with Wes and me. Enter the "Fire Fruck" Quilt. My parents have the sweetest and most generous friends. Seriously. You should see the wonderful gifts we have received from people that have only met us a handful of times. A few weeks ago, my mom's friend and next door neighbor, Bonny, sent Finn this amazing quilt (she also made one for Maya when she was born that is totally worthy of a blog post—it involves paper dolls). Finn opened the box and immediately wrapped himself in it! He prefers it over any other blanket we own, oftentimes when he's just watching TV on the couch in the afternoon and resting. It even coaxes him to sleep in his own toddler bed. That alone is miraculous! :)

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Gretchen said...

How sweet!! My kids love their handmade wuilts like nothing else!

Christy said...

Wow they are so generous! I love this quilt and can't wait to see Maya's!

I vote for Little Red Riding Hood - but think you should show us the costumes too!