Things heard around our house this Monday morning

Sorry. I slacked on Sunday Faces. I took photos, but didn't post them. So those are coming soon. In the mean time, we had a funny morning with Finn. All this before 10am:

Finn: "Hi, Dada"
Me: "I'm Mama."
Finn: "No, you Dada. I Maya."
Me: "Oh, you're Maya today?"
Finn: "Yeah."
Me: "Ok. Hi, Maya!"
Finn: "Hi, Ma---Dada!!" :)

"I want to play hitting!"

(Referring to Little Mermaid)
Finn: "Mama, too scary! TOO SCARY!!"
Me: "Do you want to watch a different movie?"
Finn: "Yeah."
Me: "OK, what do you want to watch instead?"
Finn: "Jurassic Park!"

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Tiffany M. said...

Did you know I can play the theme to Jurassic Park on the piano?
I agree the Little Mermaid is much scarier than velociraptors. Okay I don't know how to spell that.

Asha de L'arbres said...

Haha! I love that Arial is scarier than T-Rex! :D