How do you explain to a toddler that "Home is Where the Heart Is?" We really thought that after 4 months of California Living, that Finn was pretty well adjusted. Yesterday, at 4pm, Finn had another thought in mind. He was bound and determined to be homeward bound. And by "home" he meant Mesa. He was crying. Bawling. Tears streaming down his face. "Go go home MESAAAAAAAA." I think it was probably a combination of being a little too tired, and wanting to keep riding in the car. But it's not the first time he's mentioned it. I wonder if he thinks we're just visiting this little cottage with all of his toys and clothes so nicely organized for him. With his cozy bed that's just his size. With a snuggly little sister waiting to make him smile. With parents that act on his every beck and call. Love him. Strive every day to make this new home, well, home. It's tough being a little guy. I can see every day that Finn has quite a big spirit. He has big emotions, bigger than his little body. He has big energy. A big heart. And sometimes he doesn't know how to make all that bigness feel like a manageable size.

Monday nights are usually special nights in an LDS home. We have Family Home Evening (often called simply Family Night). We get together and spend time as a family. It's different each week for each family. Stay in and share a spiritual message. Go out and do something fun (go on a drive, have an outing). (I secretly long for family game night, as nerdy as that may sound. But sadly Wes doesn't share my affinity for Scattergories, and Maya's knowledge of the alphabet is just barely coming along.) With 2 small kiddos Family Night usually consists of simply trying to spend some time together and paying special attention to the kids. Sometimes we manage to wriggle in a short spiritual thought (like 30 seconds short), and sometimes it's just Wes and Finn wrestling on the rug. Anything to make our time together feel more like "home."

But it's been rough since Wes started school. And Finn can tell. Tonight the babies were asleep (and almost me, too) by the time Wes got home. Family night turned into "get the kids to bed by 7:30 before meltdowns ensue." There will be lots of days and nights while Wes is at AFI that it will be just me and kiddos, while we miss Dadda. So, Finn, I just want to let you know that even though we're being a little unconventional for these next 2 years, we are home. You make it home. It is home, because you are with us, and we love you. Now let's have a lollipop and snuggle.

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embot said...

seriously? This is such a sweet post. and to say that it'll be you and the kiddos for a while is an understatement. Stay strong...you can do it, sista!

monique said...

oh. i teared up at this post. you have such a loving nature and a beautiful family in which to grow and nurture that love. you all are very blessed to have one another.

Pink Slippers said...

The last line brought a smile on my face. Yes our children are home!

mammakasparian said...

There's no place like home! It is tough however at times when one parent (or both) works long hours in this incredible, but crazy industry. Even though I've only been a mom for a short period of time, we so look forward to when papa gets home even when it's 2AM!

KatieJ said...

So sweet- and I am all about 7:30 bed time when Sam is gone! Oh, and if you can be patient, the kids will BEG for game nights in a few years and Wes will fold- I'm the one that doesn't like games here and I've found that I'm often out-voted.

Lee said...

I would see this as a complement to your parenting. You made him such a good home... maybe a little to good.:) Don't worry, you can do it again.

April Kennedy said...

Awww...that one tugged on my heartstrings. So sweet. And you are such a good and loving mother.

I spent a year without Dave...just me and Kaia. Her whole first year practically. Dave was serving a remote tour in Korea in the Air Force. We were not allowed to go. The time was tough, but we managed and believe it or not...thinking back on it, it went quickly and Kaia doesn't remember it.

And we just played games for FHE last night. That and ate out. Quick lesson on Sabbath day activities, but it mostly revolved around a game. Just wait...the kids will beg for games soon! SORRY was a favorite for a long time around here. But my favorite is Balderdash!

Boy that was a long comment. Sorry!

Sarah Bradford-Burton said...

Lyndsay that was such a sweet post. I know you're really going through it right now...and it's going to get harder. I wish I could help you more...let me know okay?
You 're not sick are you?
I'm better.
I love games! Scattergories is a fave around here. What about Sequence? Oh that's right, we're not allowed to play board games that involve small pieces and small children. I wondered where the little dog and the top hat went from Monopoly???