What up, G?!

We've switched to gDiapers for Maya this week! After a lot of blowouts, tushie sensitivity, and generally feeling pretty motivated to be more mindful of my contribution of diapers to landfills, I made the change. They are pretty remarkable. I am NOT a cloth diaper kind of momma. But I do like to do what's best for my kiddos while doing what's best for me and our household. For Finn, that was disposables (and next week will be potty training...fingers crossed). But Maya has a little princess bottom.

Here are some cool things about gDiapers:
• They are a good compromise between cloth and disposable. Like the hybrid of the diaper world.
• The inserts are flushable or tossable (you can even compost the wet diapers, but that's going a little far for me). And they now offer washable, cloth inserts for those who prefer a totally cloth-diapered baby.
• They break down in 50-100 days (unlike disposable diapers which take up to 500 years).
• No elemental chlorine, no perfumes, no plastic layer, no inks or dyes, no latex.
• Super soft, super fit, super cute!

Here are some not-so-cool things about gDiapers:
• You have to be OK with the poop situation. After having dealt with SO many blowouts from Maya, I am over it. I am OK with washing out a little plastic liner, or throwing a diaper cover/outer in the wash. I wash all of her poopy things daily. You just throw the poopy liner in the trash, like regular poopy diapers (but in a biodegradable bag, of course, if you want everything to break down—otherwise the whole purpose is defeated). If you are really ambitious, flush the poopy ones, too. I am sure lots of patient moms do it.
• They take a little getting used to when it comes to the routine. It's not a problem for me at all. I adjusted in about 2 days. But I noticed this morning Wes had her in a normal, disposable diaper (I put her to bed with a gDiaper on). So he's not quite "used to it" yet.
• If you don't have any patience for the above mentioned, don't try it out.
• There is some initial cost in buying the right amount of diaper "outers" to have on hand. I bought 4. And that's taking me through the day just fine. I think once you have paid the initial cost, the cost for the refill pads is affordable (considering I was having to buy Maya the highest end Pampers for her delicate bottom, anyway).

**I know I wouldn't have been patient enough for these in the first 2 months of Maya's life. TOO many poops and changes would probably have led me to abandon the use of these little gems. They are great when baby has more of a routine #2 schedule. I know Maya probably won't poop 5 times a night, anymore, so we're golden. ;)

The nice thing about gDiapers, is you can tailor them to your patience/willingness/ability level. They have a stellar website with great videos and clear instructions. Check them out! (click the iage below)

Anyone else use gDiapers? If so, what are your thoughts?

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Kristina said...

I tried G-diapers for Cole but I couldn't handle the messes. I thought I'd try again when the poops became more solid...which I'm still waiting on. He flip flops between practically liquid and constipated poops...poor guy! I had to use pampers swaddlers as well for him but have an amazing father-in-law who basically gave us enough for a year. LOVE THAT! Keep us posted on how the G's go. I still have my stock but now I'd have to up to the next size. Like you, throwing out so many diapers makes me cringe...I'd rather them go in my garden or down the toilet!

Anonymous said...

I have a few g diapers but it was really expensive and seemed like more work than other cloth diapers. We use bum genius one size diapers and LOVE them. I use gloves, a sprayer that attaches to the toilet, and my husband doesn't mind using them either. It has saved a lot of money and the environment! Hooray for you guys for switching to something more eco-friendly. If you don't like the g diapers do look into bum genius. We have used them for 10 months now and have had zero problems.


Jessica said...

I'm so glad to find out you made the switch! Never tried the G's but have heard both positive and negative things from other cloth diaper mamas. We're happy with pocket one-size diapers (actually prefer these to the all in ones). It took Rome a little while to catch on as well, but I know Wes will do it! And Rome is even with her the majority of the week! Excited to hear how it goes...

Anonymous said...

After I read this post I looked around for an Australian version. I was interested to discover that the G is invented in Australia (under a different name) so go us. Yeah!

Nash said...

i have wondered about these. i get their emails (even though i don't have a baby) and keep thinking i will try them next time. i have not used cloth diapers yet though. we will see. will be glad to see how you like them. i love their look.