Sunday Faces

As you know, I like to take everyone's photos (or at least Finn and Maya) on Sunday. It really started once Maya came along to document her changes every week for Grandparents Beauchamp and Johnson. Here is today's session:

Let's start with Finn. Finn had a roller coaster of a day at church. But he goes to nursery happily without me, now (thanks to little Penny who he's crushing on). And after a nice long nap, Finn has been sweetly playing with his dinos all afternoon. This boy is NUTS for dinosaurs right now! AND (drum roll, please) Finn can now say his name with the actual "F" sound. Applause! He used to tell people his name is "Winn." So it's wonderful to hear him say "Ffffffffinn!" in response to, "What's your name?"

On to Maya. She is almost 5 months. Egads! I caught her playing with her hands in her crib today. I stole this one as I crouched behind the crib and shot through the slats as not to disturb her little moment. Maya is a DOLL. I am so attached to her.

And yours truly... acting pose-y. Don't let my hair fool you. It's teased out the wazoo just to get a slight lift. (And why isn't Blogger questioning words like "egads" and "wazoo?")

Wes never wants me to take his photo. But I can't resist.

Happy Sunday!

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Anonymous said...

I like the colors of your blog and your kids are just so cute.

KatieJ said...

Great pictures! I love when babies notice their hands!

Saskia said...

Lyndsay, that's so exciting about Finn saying his name!! :)

Maya is just adorable and you look gorgeous!

Saskia x

Melanie M. McKinnon said...

the boy i watched last week reminded me of finn, minus the extreme amounts of energy. :) love you.

anna said...

It's is great when your child masters a letter.
My daughter used to say p for f
pish pingers
I miss it now.