My Visitors

Hi, blog friends! Maya here. My Grandma and Papa just came to visit me this past week. I had so much fun with them! Here are some photos we all took together:

Grandma and Papa really made me giggle.

Finn loves Papa!

Wait, Mom, I was chewing on my hand in that one...
Can you post a few where I look a little better?

I had lots of faces to make for the camera. Then I got a wee bit fussy (dinner time, of course). So I let everyone know it was time to go in. Can't wait to see you again, Grandma and Papa!


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Jill said...

I didn't realize how much Maya looks like Wes until I saw the picture of them together! She is his mini-me!

April Kennedy said...

I love Papa's belt buckle. Pretty sweet! And so is Maya and Finn. How fun to have grandma and papa visit!

Maya, I can't believe how fast you are growing. And you and Finn are so cute.

Christy said...

So freaking cute. Hope you had a great visit!!