You'll just have to take my word for it.

Today I went out to Malibu with Rachel and Emily, two new friends with cute kiddos. We had a super fun time at Zuma Beach. But of course I took my small (and less prone to sand damage) camera, which was completely out of battery juice. Great. So please imagine a really sunny photo with smiling, sandy kids and breaking waves in the background. THIS time I brought like half our closets to make sure I was prepared for all weather conditions. But I have happily glowing shoulders as a result of a beautifully balmy day. Maya stayed shaded under an umbrella, and really was a dream baby. Finn FREAKED out at first. I had Maya, and the plethora of gear we brought, in my arms, trekking out through the sand to our spot of choice, so I couldn't grab Finn. He stood as still as a stubborn mule and screamed "MAMA, YELP ME!!!!!!" Over and over. It drew a small crowd over by the sidewalk. I assured them all I didn't just leave my small son 20 feet behind me by accident. I did it on purpose, of course! I kept an eye on him, walking backwards the whole way, until I could dump my stuff on the ground, hand Maya over to Emily, and go back for screaming Finn, who refused to be put down in the unshaded sand or cool water for the first 90% of the beach trip. He finally warmed up (I made him go out in the breaking waves with me), and played in the sand with the kids happily while we were packing up camp to go home. Of course. But next time he will be a little better with the idea of the beach, so we'll keep getting him used to it until he's surfing with the rest of 'em! Maya will be a pro by the time she's 2. Finn talked about his beach trip the rest of the day, so I know it ended on a good note for him, and I was so happy that we were able to go!

We kept an eye out for Barbie, but I didn't see her today. She must have been waiting for a less busy day to work on her tan... ;)

Tomorrow we are heading to the Farmer's Market (yessssss!), and then hanging out with Greg and Katia (maybe?). Katia is Greg's fiancée (Greg is my brother, in case you are new to this blog). Finn has a crush on Katia. He croons her name melodically. And sometimes yells is excitedly while running at break-neck speed through the house. It's so cute to see.

Happy weekend!

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April Kennedy said...

The first time Blake's feet touched the sand he jumped onto Kaia's leg and wrapped both arms and legs around it like he was a fireman sliding down a pole! He did finally warm up too. Love your sense of humor in this post. Glad you are making friends and having fun. We swam most of the afternoon and I have a nice glowing chest now. They said it was like 80 degrees in LA today. Glad you guys had great weather at the beach.

Sarah Bradford-Burton said...

Lyndsay, I'm so glad you're getting to the beaches around here. There really are some beautiful places to see.
Both my little girls did not take to the sand for the first trip. I was lucky enough to get Darcy's first steps in sand on video. So cute!
We should go to Dana Point Harbor where there are no waves and only little kids and a life guard on duty. Bathrooms are right there! It's a bit of a drive, but so worth it if you can stay for a while.
Have a lovely weekend.

Asha de L'arbres said...

Yay beach day! I'm impressed you are making friends so fast. I'm having some trouble it that area :P Why are Greg and Katia in the area? Do they live out there?

embot said...

I just downloaded the beach pics. I'll email it over to you so you can post. The one with all the kiddos is really great!