Tippy and Linny

Tiffany is Wes's sister. She is also one of my very best friends. I have missed her a lot, and we've only been gone 2 weeks. She is here this weekend along with Wes's Mom, and I am so happy to have them!

Tiff calls me Linny, I call her Tippy. We have our own language. Even though Tiff was insisting that she hadn't found time to apply makeup during their long drive out here, I was insisting on taking some photos—especially in this great light! So here we are, mostly au natural.

Things I will miss most about having Tiff so close:
• Peppermint Tea with late night movies.
• Best shoulder massages ever.
• Random and perfectly quoted movie lines.
• A good dose of literary banter and recommendations.
• Tiffany's ability to be so in tune with the cosmos/nauture/womanhood in general.
• How wonderful she is with Finn and Maya (not to mention Tiffany's baby pictures look more like Maya than my own—ha!).
• Music mixes.
• Dream sharing and interpretation.
• Having such a kindred spirit just 5 miles away. Thank goodness for my iPhone!

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Ali said...

Gee, I wish I looked that good with no make-up on!

Kiera said...

hey Lindsay. I found your blog while on my blog stoll tonight. I had been on Charise's blog. You are looking fabulous! Little boy Finn is super-duper cool and baby girl Maya... oh so Sweet! We think of you each time we look at the photos Wes shot for us! Wish you were still in KC!

amy turn sharp said...

she's gorgeous!!! - so are u!!! xoxo

Tiffany M. said...

Quel sweet post.

Also, thank goodness you have a gift for lighting.....