My blog needed a little nip/tuck. So I tweaked it. And while I was at it, Wes was REALLY in need of something new. He asked me to recreate the opening credits of King Kong for his banner. I think I managed it. Hop on over to 'Life At Twenty-Four Frames' to see what's up! (click banner below)

**I'm not above asking for blog design help when I need it. If you look at Wes's blog, and my new Beautify My Blog site, you'll notice some of the links are bright stinkin' blue. Ugh! I changed the colors in the usual place, and even double checked the HTML, and yet these links are still chapping my hide with their ugly blue-ness. Any ideas, tips, solutions? E-mail me or leave a comment. I will send you a virtual hug.**

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{april kennedy} said...

Nothing is showing up bright blue on my computer. It all looks like the right colors. The text in your beautify my blog is a soft turquoise. Nothing glaring to me. Maybe try viewing it from a different computer.

And nice job on Wes's blog. It looks great! I totally felt like I needed popcorn.

Lyndsay said...

Hmmm...good to know! It's blue on both my computer & Wes's, but as long as somewhere it's normal, I won't complain. :)

Carley said...

I think I may have solved your problem...check your email =]

Good Day!