Top 10

Yesterday Wes and I were talking about some of the "perks" of being a toddler—you know, the things you can get away with that no one even questions (like sporting a diaper and a miner's light, binky in mouth). So here are our favorite 10:

1. Body fat is cute. Especially in rolls.
2. You can eat with your hands (ketchup included).
3. You can run around without your shirt on all day.
4. NAPS! (Sometimes multiple naps...)
5. Your normal speaking voice is naturally set at the highest decibel, and generally involves 2 word commands directed at everyone (followed maybe by a sweet "pweeeeeese?").
6. You get everywhere you want to go by RUNNING. All out. Fastest pace.
7. You can pass gas, and not only is it completely acceptable, but people actually giggle when you do!
8. You are catered 3 plus meals a day (and often dictate what they will be).
9. You are the most imaginative/best creative brain/best actor/cutest in the household. Ready for an agent!
10. You can pee in the tub.

Got any others??

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That's Ms. Amy to You... said...

"Going on a walk" generally means you are pushed around in comfort & style - no walking required.

Unknown said...

Yes!! Good one.

Christy said...

This list put a real smile on my face. I needed that today.

Tiffany M. said...

Finn has made an art out of eating ketchup with his fingers. I observed this while babysitting. First, he dips all ten fingers in the ketchup like he is getting a manicure. Then, one by one, he sucks the ketchup off each finger,as if it is nectar from the Garden of Eden.
Also, he eats cookies in the tub!!!

dandee said...

When you get hurt, people come running to comfort you, bandage you, and kiss it all better. Generally speaking.

Ali said...

You still get toys for your birthday and Christmas.

Kristin said...

Someone goes around behind you cleaning up your mess (or messes).