SO, I make up a lot of spontaneous little ditties on the spot for Finn and Maya. Most are silly and fleeting, and I usually don't remember them. But occasionally a few stick (often in Wes's head, which he complains about, but I think he secretly loves it). Since I wouldn't be caught dead posting recordings of myself singing them, I am just going to post the lyrics for posterity's sake. That way Maya and Finn will always remember, and never be able to fully escape, the full force of my songbird abilities. :)

Springtime Song for Maya
You're like a little blossom
blooming in the spring,
look at all the joy you bring.

You're like a little flower
growing up so tall,
even though right now you're small.

Even though
you're oh so tiny
in this great big world,
Don't you know
out of all the many
you're my very favorite little baby girl!

You're like a little rosebud
smiling in the sun,
Maya you're the sweetest one.

Little Miss
Little Miss Piccadilly,
Little Miss Piccolo,
When you fuss it's oh so silly,
no more crying,
no, no, no.

Little Maya you're so pretty,
with a voice just like a flute.
When you smile it makes me giddy,
Little Maya you're so cute!

Finn's Sleepy Song (this has endured since the days of his infancy, with lyrics adjusting for his age)
Little Finn,
Little Finn,
It's time to sleep again.
Close your eyes,
rest your head,
now it's time to go to bed.
We'll say goodnight,
and you'll sleep tight—
it's time to sleep again.

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KatieJ said...

Really cute Lyndsay! I want to borrow them, I can never come up with things like this!

Babeich said...

OK you really need to write that kids book about the baby dragon - these are so lyrical and I can imagine them with cute illustrations in a book already, so I would be anxious to see what you would do with the dragon.

Unknown said...

Cute!! These are so lovely! I don't make up new songs, I just murder existing ones. I am actually planning a post soon on that topic! :)

Tiffany M. said...

I think we should record: me on piano and harmony, wes on guitar, finn on his wee ukulele.

Seriously, these are good. You should compile a book.

Also, incidence! I just posted a small line of my own original poetry, not profound, but still.

Also, we miss you.

April Kennedy said...

Love them! Much better than the Barney tune that I used to sing to Kaia! Talk about a husband complaining of a song in his head. :) Wes should consider himself lucky!