Sniper Safari

This is Finn making a gun from one of the myriad little things he finds daily with which to make a gun. I have tried to ban guns from the house. I have tried turning his attention to sweet, passive activities. I have tried telling him pointing small make-believe "guns" at people is not very nice at all. To no avail. He is a boy, and this boy will make toy guns out of anything, like crackers, pens, and even small plastic nozzles for inflating exercise balls (pictured above). My mom tells the story of one of my little playmates when I was a small tyke. David's mother was a total pacifist, and their family didn't even own a TV. One day David picked up a stick in our yard and said, "Bang!" So there you go—it's ingrained from birth, I say!)

To diffuse the rampant sniper-ing, we decided it was time to go to the Zoo for the year memberships I was requesting:
Safari Finn asked for "Yions and Gigers". We delivered!

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April Kennedy said...

It doesn't get any cuter than Yions & Gigers. We still use our kid's vocabulary for quite a few words. It constantly reminds us of when our kids were little and said those cute words. Now excuse me while I go get some milk from the 'fridger fridger'.