Piers, presents, and patches (of baldness, that is)

Today we went to Santa Monica Pier. Here's my internal monologue this morning:
"Well, it's been close to 100 degrees here the past few days, and Finn almost burned at the Zoo, and we are going to be walking along the pier...no jeans for me, I'll go with a skirt...I won't pack Maya's pants, but put her in a cute beachy outfit, and Finn needs some shorts and sunscreen...should I wear this nice lightweight skirt because it's so thin and breezy? Is it a problem that it's black? Too hot? Hmmm...can't forget the stroller, I wonder if there will be swimmers and what we'll have for lunch..."

Are any Californians laughing sardonically yet?

OK. I have clearly never been to Santa Monica Pier. It was FREEZING. Overcast. Windy. 65 degrees tops (there was wind chill too, I tell you!). Maya took one desperate look at me, and I ducked quickly into a tourist shop to buy her the very snuggly sweatsuit you see pictured below (only available in size 12 months—ha!):
Finn didn't complain, though he sported goosebumps the entire time. In fact, he LOVED the pier! With one arm I desperately tried to keep my skirt from blowing up Marilyn Monroe style every 30 seconds, while holding Maya in the other arm (the angle in the photo makes the skirt look long, but it's knee-length, and Wes eventually tied knots in the sides to add some weight and keep it more securly against me). And oh yeah, did I mention we forgot the stroller? Well, we did. 3 inhaled hot dogs later, a quick jaunt down to the end of the pier, and I was ready to head back to the car. It was SO obvious who the tourists were, because we were the nut jobs wearing beach clothes instead of jeans and hoodies. Clearly this former Texan is using Texas beaches for all beach referencing. I have a thing or two to learn about Cali beaches. Next time I'll check the weather in Santa Monica, not just Burbank. But can you blame me? I've only been here 9 days. When I lived in Mesa, if the weather was 106, it was 106 in Mesa, Tempe, Phoenix, Gilbert, Scottsdale...you get the idea. So I just need to change the dial in my head from Sonoran reality to Californian reality.

We took a drive through Beverly Hills, across Rodeo Drive (where I couldn't resist a bad joke in a Texas accent about looking out for all the livestock on RO-deo Drive), along Hollywood Boulevard (Kodak Theater flanked by sex shop, shoe shop, sex shop, shoe shop), past the beautiful LDS Temple, then home again to Burbank. And waiting for me on my doorstep was the most delicious present! My good blog friend, Christy (found HERE), gifted me a fantastic box of goodies from California's Wine Country that arrived just in time to satisfy a much-needed cookie fix (I mentioned cookies repeatedly on the way home, ask Wes). I was laughing, though, because in the past two weeks I kept getting cryptic food messges from Christy asking things like, "Are there any food allergies in your family? I need your phone number. I can't remember—does everyone in yor family eat meat?" So I was half expecting a magic casserole to show up through the mail slot in my door (yes, we get our mail through a slot in our front door—very cottage-y). The box was overflowing with nutty fruity things, and cheesy crunchy things, and savory mustardy things, and general deliciousness in beautiful little boxes all begging me to open every one. Wes came in and out of the kitchen with remarks like, "It looks like Christmas in here!" and "It could be dangerous having all of this around..." (through a mouthful of Danish buttercookies). I love having blog friends. I do, I do! They are so good to me.

On a totally separate note, Maya is...there's no better way to say this...balding. She has a rather prominant bald spot on the back of her head that is so attractive for darling baby girls to have this season. I am trying to encourage regrowth and stop the hairloss by keeping her on satin surfaces. That will help reduce the breakage caused by sleeping in her crib on regular ol' sheets. I found and ordered this product, and quite like it: Baby Walton. It comes with a satin hair protector for the crib and carseat. One tip! If you are expecting a baby and want to protect their hair, think about having a little satin square put in the carseat cover where their head will rest (especially if you are ordering a custom cover). My friend recently asked the lady who was sewing her carseat cover to do this, and I thought it was a great idea!

Hope everyone's week is off to a good start. The rest of my week includes glamorous things like laundry and unpacking those last packing box stragglers.

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Christy said...

I am so glad you all are enjoying the treats! So glad to have 'met' you through blogging too!!

Too funny about the weather out there - I had no idea!

And little Fiona was balding at first too...now it's all growing in all over!

Asha de L'arbres said...

I must becoming more Californian b/c I was certainly skeptical of your beach attire, but I was hopeful still (as I still am) that it really would be warm like a Texas beach!

Maddison said...

As a California native, the trick is to dress in layers - no matter where you are in Cali., the weather is unpredictable.

So funny though - when one outside of Texas thinks of the state, all that really comes to mind is the desert terrain, not the fact that nearly half of the sate has beaches!

thirtynothing said...

This post made me laugh, thank you! I only know about Cali beaches because I've been there before. Otherwise it's a typical rookie mistake. Ah, to be able to sport hoodies and sweaters in the summertime, even away from the beach if after dark, natch. *sigh*

Melissa Stover said...

I know! that cold air in california is weird. when we were in san francisco twice, in summers both times, i almost froze to death!

Ali said...

Lyndz, Sounds like you are going to have to remember crazy Rochester weather patterns and the fact that it changes every 5 minutes. LOL. BTW, Luke has the same shit that Finn is wearing in your photo. HE has matching bright orange shorts. You know my affinity for orange. I couldn't resist. Miss you!

Melanie M. McKinnon said...

If nothing else, you have a positive attitude and that is what I love about you. :)

April Kennedy said...

I still forget a sweatshirt everytime we go to Monterey...sunny inland, but overcast and chilly until about 3:30 pm there!

I was more feeling bad about your skirt issue. Nothing is worse than having your skirt blow up for all to see your oh so pretty and oh so sexy underwear! ;)