Super sleepers

These kiddos were all tuckered out at Grandma Jinx's house, today. Finn took the most luxurious nap on the big, fluffy guest bed. Maya needed a little tummy help, and snoozed on my lap for a little bit. I opted out of the nap for fear that I would be out cold for waaaaay too long. I'm all ready for my Zzzz's now, to be sure! Good night, all.

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Lexi said...

I love that his new dragon is accompanying him to dream land. How sweet! And that does look like a luxurious fluffy bed. I can't wait to get a new mattress here in a week when we move to our new house! Then I'll be getting plenty of Zzzz's too :-)

Lybi said...

I love the way Finn throws his arms over his head with abandon. Makes me want to go take a nap...right...now!