Making progress

We are all recovering from a bad stomach bug that hit our house full force last week. Finn and Wes suffered the most. I had one yucky day today. But Maya seemed to make it through unscathed, thank goodness! There is a lot of recovery that needs to happen around the house. My laundry room was the inspiration for this cartoon, I think:

Here is what I will be looking forward to this week:

Encouraging Maya to take one of these:
(so that I can, oh, say, go on a date or not have to cancel my dentist appointment again)

Expecting this in the mail:
(Miracle Swaddling Blanket...not baby)
Tackling this mess:
(doom and gloom)

Continuing with this for the second time around:
(For goodness sakes, what makes these so hard to walk away from?
I think I might have just stereotyped myself...)

What's on your docket this week??

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Ali said...

Ha, I'm recovering from throwing a baby shower at my house this weekend, tackling laundry, yard work, and all other chores as well. Plus I'm a quarter way through new moon for the second time. Those books are just to juicy to only read once.

Shorty said...

Glad your family is recovering! Hopefully Maya will remain in good health, too. Best wishes as you catch up on the lovely task of laundering. One of my faves....

This week will be full of The Little Guy's school projects and baseball, and I'll get to work on my quilt that is finally basted. I'm also hoping to get in a bit of crochet time, too.

Melanie M. McKinnon said...

i'm so sorry you got sick! i hear ya. luckily, i'm feeling better today. this week, my docket includes bday shopping for robby and taking gracie to some swim parks and other various activities. want me to come over and help you fold laundry while we listen to an audiobook? that would be awesome. love you!

April Kennedy said...

Sewing, sewing and more sewing. Funky Vintage Kitchen Etsy site is almost empty and I have a handmade parade craft fair at the end of this month. I need to get BUSY!

Glad you are all on the mend. And one day sick....not too bad. Wes was probably a little jealous! Kaia's home today with an upset tummy. Would it be wrong for me to pass her meals to her with a mask on?!

Aimee Larsen said...

you know...I exclusively nursed my 3rd baby for 4 months with no bottle and the only bottle I could get him to take after I had emergency surgery was those cheap orthodontic nipples. If you think about it, those weird looking nipples are exactly like a breast once the baby gets a hold of it. The ones that are supposed to be shaped like mom, never worked, I even had the "breast" bottle. Good luck! Glad you feel better.

KatieJ said...

Where do you find that blanket? It looks nice and light for hot summers... I'm glad you guys are getting better- I want to read the Twilight books again too. Have you tried watching the movie again? It really gets better every time :)

Unknown said...

Good luck!

Christy said...

That swaddling blanket was the secret to our success - hope it works for you too!

Kristina said...

Good luck on the blanket - I loved ours!!! Different brand but same idea. Something else I will get should we have another colicky baby is the Nap Nanny (www.napnanny.com). NO amount of money is too much when it comes to having a sleeping, happy baby! :-)