Oh, talented friend.

Dear Crystal,
I got my earrings today! This morning I put on a blue shirt, hoping the red Eliza earrings would arrive in my mailbox as an accessory. I put a gold clip in my hair with little jewels in it, as well. Then I went to the mail box, and smiled in delight when I saw your return address. I opened the package to find TWO pairs of earrings! And guess which ones perfectly matched my outfit? Those darling blue jewels! You are a doll. How serendipitous. Thank you so much!

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Crystal Farish said...

You are just way too nice to me friend!!! Glad those jewels work for you. I know you are currently into navy so when I saw these jewels, I knew they belonged to YOU.

That little Maya is so adorable!!!!!

Carolyne said...

Those earrings are fabulous! What a great friend you have!

Goddess Leonie * GoddessGuidebook.com said...

oh my! those are commmpletely gorgeous!