Little Artist

Finn loves to paint. But he really hates to get messy, and he's very careful about his painting. So I bought him some artist-quality watercolor paper and paints (although, he immediately licked the blue paint, so I'll be stepping it back to the Crayola level for a few more years). This afforded me ample time to empty the dishes from the dishwasher, and still have time to catch a few shots:

Carefully trying out the new paints.

"Tah Dah!"

Finn's creations: "Octopus" and "Baby Maya" (He told me that's what they are...so sweet!)

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Pink Slippers said...

What a little artist.

Tiffany M. said...

I'm so glad Finn has found a creative outlet. He's such a smart little boy.

Lee said...

Where did you find that little vest thing to put over him??

Unknown said...

I think you can find that little smock on any Crayola aisle at Target or Walmart. I got it at an art and frame store, but really anywhere they sell crayola products, I am sure.

Ali said...

oooo, I really love his color palette! If you are worried about Finn licking paints, (I have the same problem with Luke) you can dye vanilla pudding and use it as "finger" paints. You can't "frame" them like his works of art above, but it's a nice alternative to finger paints and yummy too!

Anonymous said...

Hi, You might try wetting the paper next time, before he paints. Really nice results.