Finn vs. Mall

The iPhone was at it again (pardon the low quality):

Finn vs. Dragons: Finn Wins!

Finn vs. Legos: Finn Wins!

Finn vs. Burrito: Finn Wins!

Finn vs. Busy Day: Busy Day Wins!
Sadly, even though Finn had such a fun day at the mall with Grandma a few days ago, he is now sick. He woke up from his nap today sounding suspiciously like he has croup. Poor little guy.

Maya is smiling and cooing. Please forgive my posting laziness. I promise more Maya photos soon. I captured a great smile today on my real camera!

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Lee said...

This poor kid can't get a break. :/ I hope he starts feeling better.

Melanie M. McKinnon said...

gracie and i went to the chandler mall yesterday for storytime and gracie did the exact same thing finn did with the dragons, except she used the checkered elephants and made them into a family. then we played at the area there. she had a blast.

i hope finn feels better soon. gracie seriously says every couple hours, "finn's house?" she misses him.