A domestic moment: the Tea Towel Apron

In my last days of pregnancy, I was really into little sewing projects around the house (I made curtains, simple aprons, and a little something for the diaper-changing station). I thought I would share a few of these projects. Today we have Finn demonstrating the Tea Towel Apron:

Step 1: So here we have a regular kitchen tea towel. Mom likes to get hers at IKEA because we have a red kitchen, but she wants it to look modern, not country. And IKEA has the right amount of modern and red. Fold the towel in half.

Step 2: Mom is going to sew ribbons to either side of the towel to tie in the back like an apron. This is how much ribbon she needed for her apron. Cut 2 lengths of ribbon (one for each side).
Step 3: Place ribbon just inside the fold at the edge of the towel.
Step 4: Have a grown-up sew the ribbon in place. Repeat on other side. (Note: You can sew the ribbon all along the outside length of the fold if you want extra stability at the top of the apron, or want to see the ribbon. This is just the fastest way to crank out an apron.)
Voila! Your final aprons will look like this:
Looking good in the back!

Ready to get cooking!

Mom also likes to tie hers to the handles of our cabinets,
because we have limited space to hang towels up high.

Now go make some for your Etsy sites! ;)

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Anne Zimmerman said...

A few years ago I co-hosted a cooking party/ bachelorette party for my best friend. Tea towel aprons were easy, cute & affordable party favors for all the ladies. Great idea.

Ali said...

Ahhh, if only I could sew. Perhaps I will take it up. I could use a good apron.

Christy said...

Gorgeous - love your color choices. If I only I knew how to sew!

Carolyne said...

That is so adorable! I'm going to have to teach myself how to sew! It's so cool to meet crafty people in this blogosphere!

Saskia said...

What a great idea! Finn looks like he's loving the modelling :)

Anonymous said...

Good idea, adorable model you have.