Photo Safari

I'm taking photos around the house today.
Here's what I found...

Finn's a lion (with an awfully pointy tongue):

Wes doesn't want to be photographed (too bad, Mr!):

Maya is luvin' up her new papasan swing (she's so pensive, no?):

** In response to a few comments on my last post, I will most definitely be keeping up with this blog. I may be closing up shop on my other blog, but this one is 24/7, 365!

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That's Ms. Amy to You... said...

Love the camera strap. Where can one obtain such an article?

Unknown said...

You can find one in this ETSY shop:


gina said...

I'm a tiny bit envious at how fast you lost your baby weight!!! :)

Randy and Dionne Sillik said...

Hi Lyndsay, I first discovered you through your Supermom blog series when reading an entry that Reachel wrote. It was linked from my friend Beth Allen's blog. It was poignant, open and honest, and I was glad that you put it up there. My husband and I currently just started trying to get pregnant and as a soon to be OB/Gyn resident physician, I know too well of the struggles that many well-deserving women go through to get pregnant.

I recently launched a women's health corner off of my main blog and I invite you to check it out. You can get to it from my main blog, or us the direct address which is http://doctordswomenshealthcorner.blogspot.com

New posts are scheduled to appear this upcoming week.
I look forward to reading more on your supermom series.

Unknown said...

Gina Lee—you are sweet, but I definitely have a ways to go, of course!. That photo is probably misleading...as is a baggy shirt.

Bekah: said...

my blog has a crush on your blog.

iLa said...

Great to hear you will not close this blog. I was fearing that too ;-)

Claudette said...


1. you look FABULOUS after just having a baby (baggie shirt or not)
2. love the family pics
3. keep the updates comming
4. you are an inspiration for us mummy's..

Smiles from Cali..your soon 'home'.

Backyard Candle Co. said...

I just read about all the changes coming in your life! Im soooo glad I found you before you closed up shop. What an exciting adventure your family will be on for the next 2 years. I will come back often to check up on you and your adorable family! Take care!

Saskia said...

Maya is so cute and she looks so comfy and snuggled in her swing :)


XUE said...

That is a great pic of you> You do look very alert & bright for a mother of a baby & a toddler!