Supermom Series Call for Entries!

So the Supermom Series has continued to be a hit, and I still get requests for more. If you would, indeed, still like to continue to hear from Supermoms, I would love to hear some more suggestions as to what topics are on your minds. And I am happy to accept anyone's offer to write a post, if you are a Supermom yourself! (Go ahead...you can admit it!)

Here is who we have had so far:
The Gourmet Mom
The Stay-At-Home Mom
The Mom-preneur
The Working Mom
The Multitasker {Expectant} Mom
The Thrifty Mom
The Eco Mom

While we're waiting for more in the Series, why not button on up with a Super button?! You don't need to be a mom to be Super! Just copy and paste the code for the button you want into the HTML/JavaScript of your sidebar. And voila—SUPER! (The buttons link to the entire Supermom Series.)

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Kremb de la Kremb said...

This is SUPER! I don't know what I would write, but I know I try to be super. I could fit under the "Dear Librarian Mom," or the "Expat Mom" or the "Intl Educator Mom."

What a neat series!

Now, I gotta figure out how to add buttons to my sidebar!

I'm now signing Annie with you;D

Lisa said...

What about the full-time student mom?

Natalie said...

I think I could qualify as the hospital marathon mom--going on almost four months now (see my blog). I have still been able to get a little painting in on the side, though! It has been therapeutic to say the least (http://www.nataliehunsaker.com).

PS I hope you don't mind--I really liked your polka dot background. Although I changed my header, I used something similar and hope you don't think I'm stealing! If you think I am, let me know and I'll change it!

O'Loughlin Family said...

Mother of a special needs child. That's a tough one.


Shorty said...

Love, love, love the buttons! I've added one to my blog.

I agree with the full-time student mom suggestion...I completed my bachelor's in 2005 while working part-time and being a mommy. It was tough but I'm sure there's plenty of other mom's out there thinking of going back to school that could relate to this type of Super Mom Adventure!

Mique (as in Mickey) said...

Hi Lyndsay- I've lurked for awhile now...found you through a few people and I love your blog. I especially love your super mom series. My suggestion is for a special needs super mom. My oldest has autism and it's a extra special super challenge. I think it'd be great to hear from someone like me (not that I am the one you want to highlight...). How to balance everything with a set of unexpected challenges- we all have them. I have 2 other "typical" kids. Have a special needs kiddo has definitely changed my idea of what I thought my life would be like as a super mom.

Pink Slippers said...

The buttons are super!

April Kennedy said...

I was going to say "special needs mom" too. It's an emotionally tough one.

And I think I'll take the second button. Nothing wrong with being raised with good self-esteem...right?!

Emily Ruth said...

I'll take a button too: ) Awesome idea Lynds!
I'm excited for the future SuperMom entries...

Lee said...

I can't place an ad or even try to compete to try to make me me a super mom.I will leave that up to the super of the super moms.
I do love this super serious that you have! I love all these super mom! More, more, more! Reading almost makes me feel super!

P.s. That was a lot of super in this message.hehe

Lee said...

One more thing, I to would like to hear from a full time student mom. I'm trying to make plans.

Rebecca M said...

Ooo I'm taking a button, even though I'm not a mom! I found you thru April's blog, who I found thru another friend. And I definitely think there should be a "Wannabe Mom" in your series! :) Thanks for the button!

Ali said...

What about single mom? I know there are tons out there. I might be bale to dig one up for you if you can't find anyone. What about Good Samaritan Mom, one who does lots of volunteering or fund-raising for charities?

Anonymous said...

I would love a WAHM Mom since that is what I do. Let me know if you need help I would love to write a post!