Lazy Town

I've been a lazy blogger, due to the fact that I have been a busy worker. It seems blog make-overs are in high demand, as well as mom's attention. So today Finn has been very sweet. He keeps noting all of the little fuzzy lambs in his animal books and wanting to kiss and hug them. And he is adoring of all of his stuffed animals. And he keeps pointing at the bassinet for Baby Girl and saying "BeeBee!!" and making a cute sleepy cradle sign with his arms. All-in-all it's very endearing. So I brought out the little baby bouncer, a blanket, and his stuffed animals, so that he could practice putting the stuffed animals in, like a baby. But he had other plans. Wes caught it on his iPhone:

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Shorty said...

How adorably sweet! Love the smile behind the binky, too!

Marilyn said...

Such a cutie pie.

I've been thinking of you and how grateful I am to you for re-designing my blog. Every time I visit I fall in love with it over and over and over again. Really, thank you so much.

Babeich said...

So sweet!

Ali said...

HA! Luke did the SAME thing as soon as I brought out the bouncer chairs for Gavin. He also started playing with the exersaucer and all the "infant" toys too.

April Kennedy said...

So glad to hear that you have just been lazy and busy and not in early labor....I was beginning to wonder!

good to get an update...especially with "baby girl" getting so close to coming!

Emily Ruth said...

too cute!

Pink Slippers said...

I just found your blog via NIeNie buttons.
It's my first time visiting and I was looking back at your posts. My prayers are with your little guy. The strange part is my 9 1/2 month old just had x-rays and I was told he has pneumonia. They started him on antibiotics and he seems to be not coughing as much. He's suppose to get a recheck on Monday. I had no idea how badly it can change. I'll be visiting your blog regularly.
Mommy to six and soon-to-be seven kiodds.

Lexi said...

What a cute little guy!

I'm sure this is an indication of things to come- Both your little guy and mine rediscovering their favorite baby things right as someone else is about to occupy them!

I hope you're feeling good these last few weeks. Try to get some rest!