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...and at heart!

I just found out that one of my professors from RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) has been inducted into the Art Directors' Hall of Fame. Roger Remington played a very important roll in my graduate education, and shaping of my aesthetic, priorities, and future as a designer. It's interesting to see myself now, this "mommy blogger" making banners for other bloggers, and working for a scrapbook company designing products. I don't think I would have guessed that I would have gone that route, actually. At the core I am a modernist. I delight in a well-crafted typeface, I align to the grid, I prefer Bauhaus to Blogger. Of course I love the work I am doing now, it's just interesting to see how I got here (and I probably shouldn't tell Roger that I have ever designed anything that fell under the name "Rhapsody" or "Hot Mama"....) Ha! If it comes up, I'll remind him I worked in publishing long enough to make him proud. Yes, there was a day when I didn't know what distressing brushes were. (I redesigned Toronto's subway signage system for my thesis, for goodness sakes.) But one thing Roger quotes towards the end of this video is that as a designer you have to keep your fingers on the pulse of the times. Well, I am picking up a heartbeat for blog banners and rub-on flourishes, so I am going with that for the time being! :) But I am forever a Univers-user and leading-lover! Congrats, Roger.

Here is the video that they will play at his induction. (Ali, I know at least you will be interested to see this):


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Ali said...

AHHH! ROGER! Seeing that really reminded how important he is/was in my education as a designer. Man, I miss him. We had a great 2 years together there. I still love Univers too. HA HA! Cheers to Roger Remington