A few of my favorite things...for Baby, that is!

In doing banner and blog design, I often get some stellar trades as payment. And I have just happened to acquire some really high-quality and super cute baby needs and wants. So I thought I would share some of them. I admit I was way too lazy to photograph my own goodies, but I grabbed some photos from the web of these fine finds. Check them out. I HIGHLY recommend all of these to anyone expecting (or expecting to expect, or in-the-know of someone expecting...):

Spongy Feet:

Sassy Mia: (Finn thinks the red patent leather ones are race cars. Ha!)

LuvLoo: (These were sent to me for free as a sample from an inventor mom! Super cool of her.)

Picalilli too: (Look in her "Sold" section to view the nursing covers, and she sent some wonderful burp cloths that conform to your shoulder in the perfect shape!)

My nursing cover and burp cloths came in the fabrics below, that she let me choose from and then custom made. It's the cutest nursing cover I've seen. It's extra wide, and mine has a little skirt at the bottom, a small pocket, and even a little snap-on-snap-off towel for messes.

I have a few more items from Crystal B. and Natitys Design that I have to photograph. So I will share them later.

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Natalie said...

Great ideas! I have something I want to send you as payment for me copying your polka dot background idea--email me your address (you can find my email on my website nataliehunsaker.com). The cover is perfect for keeping baby warm, out of the elements, and less germs from cute but nosey ladies at the grocery store. My friend, Kirsten makes them and if you have a favorite pattern from sproutshell.com, I'd love to treat you!

April Kennedy said...

I use that last fabric you have shown in the red/turquoise for some of my aprons. I love it! I hadn't seen it in the blue/green/pink combo. What fun baby stuff. You scored!

Gillian said...

I love the little mary janes. A girl must be a style! :)

Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion for your "super-mom" series. I hope I don't offend, because I LOVE reading about the incredible moms. My husband and I have tried to get preggo for 3 years now and I believe we are ALL mothers. Even before we are mother's of our children. Sherry Dew taught that lesson the best. She said we, as women, all have the inate gift to nurture and serve all the children of the world.
You could do a SUPER MOM post on a super-mother of service!
Sorry if I stepped on toes. I love love your blog. Oh ps we are in your ward! Sorry for the randomness! Keep it up!

Unknown said...

That's a "super" idea. :) Actually I have Supermom posts in the works for:
--The Future Mom
--The Mother Heart

Basically posts from women who aren't moms, but still have a mothering spirit, as I believe all women do. :)