Can't sleep. I remember Ali (Working Supermom) saying on her blog that when she was prego she couldn't sleep either.

I chalk it up to:
1. Heartburn.
2. Tiny toes in ribs.
3. A bladder that will wake me up in 30 minutes anyway (so why bother).
4. That strange pain I had with Finn under my ribs they thought was my gall bladder, but isn't my gall bladder (resulting in a nurse thinking I was making stuff up).

So what do I do when I can't sleep?
1. Research baby slings obsessively (is the Moby Wrap too hot for AZ? I like the Gypsy Mom stretch sling, but I hate the fabrics. What about the Balboa sling? Sure I already have a Baby Bjorn, but I need a snuggly newborn sling so she can have instant access to Mom smells and replicated womb conditions, all while I am picking dinosaurs up from underfoot and washing the dishes).
2. Check my PayPal account every 5 minutes too see if any payments came through so I can buy said sling(s), even though my e-mail will alert me to this as soon as funds are available.
3. Possibly eat the rest of the icing from Finn's cake-making earlier today. It only has 5g's of fat per 2 TBS. (I won't tell you how many TBSs I ate...)
4.Guess at odd noises that sounds suspicious... (eat another spoonful for comfort)
5. Apparently blog with no real train of thought, randomly with no end in sight.

So I should probably end it before it gets any worse. Does this post need a photo? What could I possibly post with this that would do it justice? Let's see...combing photo archives...

Ah! Yes. Wes took this fantastical photo this morning in the wee hours. Talented fellow, eh? I love how soft it feels. He called it "SuperCholla." Click on the photo to fully appreciate the SuperSubtleties (look at all that depth of field!).

Going to bed. Promise.

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Saskia said...

That is one stunning photo!

Saskia x

Shorty said...

Love the picture...very beautiful! Hope you get some rest!

Krista said...

I love my Babyhawk--especially for quick trips to the store. But when my baby girl was a newborn, I wrapped her in a Storch and Vatanai all the time. I used a Mama's Milk sling, too, but not as much as my wraps. Storch was much thicker and cushier while the thin Vat allowed me to use it outdoors in the HOT AZ heat. But right now--obsessing over an Ergo--super comfy and good for a bigger baby like mine.

Sorry for all the info--good luck!

Ali said...

I have no advice for getting sleep at this stage. I think I just suffered. Hope you have better luck than me. Hang in there, you're almost done growing a human.

April Kennedy said...

I had a wierd pain right under my rib cage too, with both my babies. It felt like a rib was sticking me and I would try to sit really really tall to make it go away.

Hope you ended up getting a decent night sleep!

caroline said...

They have some beautiful slings and carriers at bronwenhandcrafted (http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5228308). On bronwenhandcrafted.com, they also provide instructions for different sling configurations - that's how I found their etsy shop initially. Good luck with the sleeping!