"So, Mom...I know you are super busy taking care of all of my darling demands, but when you have time, what are your next 2 posts going to be about?"

"Well, Finn, I am going to be talking about all the Fun with Felt I have been having creating lovelies for YOU. And I will be posting on all of the Nesting/Resting efforts I have been making. And you can also look forward to a poll!"

"How cool do I look in these glasses, Mom?!"

"Pretty cool, Finn. Pretty cool."

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Anonymous said...

Can you clone this kid and distribute him? He brings sunshine with him...he'd be good for the world! ;o)

Tiffany M. said...

I was just wondering how to spell "buttbo" I mean, that is probably the wrong spelling but you know what I mean!

Lee said...

That is super cute.

JennyLee said...

He is so stinkin' adorable!

April Kennedy said...

Oh...I love polls!

....and those glasses on Finn too!