New Design is in the air!

Have you checked out Glitz Design lately? They have a new season out! I design for, and you can design with:

I updated parts of my personal design website here:

And nothing has really changed over at my banner design site (wait a few weeks and I'll be adding a hot-out-of-the-oven batch of new banners). But it's always fun to see what your blog could become:

And guess who's Etsy site is back in biz, with the best Valentine's card I've seen yet:

Visit the Dandee Etsy shop HERE.

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April Kennedy said...

I see you had another late night :)

Of course you're adding new pre-made banners to your site! Just when I think..."OK...I really really like this banner...I'll keep it for awhile!" You know I'll be signing up for one of the new ones! Can't wait to see them!