Wes took some video of Finn last night while feeding the ducks. It is so adorable! Visit HERE to view the final product.

Warning: You might get teary-eyed if you are a.) pregnant, b.)Finn's Mom, c.) overly sensitive to precious and seriously sweet videos of darling little boys at play.

(I think I used all the "cute" adjectives for Finn that I could think of...)


And as if he couldn't help himself, Wes has already posted another video tonight. I like to reserve the word lovely for special occasions. It's a popular adjective, and I don't want to overuse it. But this is truly one of the loveliest sights I have seen. Be sure to watch until the end for exquisite detail. See

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Alexandra said...

That is one sweet and special person you have there.

Lybi said...

I love it love it love it! My favorite part is where he is quacking like a duck right at the beginning. And the music is perrrrfect. Very sweet!

paperlili said...

beautiful video...I watched all three of Wes' videos and he is fantastic. The music is beyond perfect for each one. Thank you for sharing.

April Kennedy said...

That first video is a treasure! Beautifully done. Wes is so talented.

The second video is exactly what you said "lovely" (one of my more favorite over-used words...sorry!). Music is so very powerful. That is the best short video I have ever seen and am definitely linking it to my 4kennedys for weekend viewing pleasure. I will give all credit to Wes! Thanks for sharing!

Oh yeah...I saw the Glitz stuff when I ordered the kits! And the felt heart candy are made from an Etsy owner....CraftyD's Creations. I love that Zany Zinnia incorporate Etsy work into their kits.

Holly C. said...


KatieJ said...

That was a really sweet video! and I liked all the other ones too! That is so neat to have special movies like that of your baby!