To Do List Top 10

1. Clean up puke.
2. Clean up poop.
3. Bathe Finn...2, maybe 3 times (wait—more?!).
4. Call parents on all sides for health updates.
5. Medicate (Finn, or myself?).
6. Do 10th load of laundry, mainly bedding, today.
7. Spank dogs for tearing through trash to find dirty diapers (UGH!) SLASH peeing on the bed (refer to numero 6).
8. Rid the house of all trash (it took 4 bags).
9. Eat at some point (Finn and myself).
10. Relax for 10 minutes to check loaded inbox and blog
(oh...only 8 minutes).

BONUS POINTS to me for managing a shower!
BONUS POINTS to baby girl in utero for being a March baby, and not a November/December "in the thick of it" baby.
BONUS POINTS to Finn for eating 2 whole chicken nuggets and 3 bites of yogurt. Keep on trucking, little man.

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Nichole said...

that is a lot of really not fun stuff.

I really hope Finn gets better soon. The poor little guy :(

April Kennedy said...

TOTAL bonus points for the shower!

Thanks for adding my Funky Vintage Kitchen button to your side bar! That was exciting to see!

I had to type 'rever' for word verification....hello...with an 'f' please...FEVER...would be more appropriate! Hope Finn is feeling better real soon.

KatieJ said...

Poor guy- poor mom! I hope he keeps on getting better and your life gets a little less crazy!