Success: We had a great Christmas. Finn loved his Brio trains, and all of the other stellar gifts he received (books, puzzles that make sounds, the cutest owl bookends ever, a table to compliment the new train set, etc.). We also celebrated my Mom's b-day! Yep—she's a Christmas baby. She loves it. She always manages to make out with a ton of great b-day gifts, instead of Christmas-doubling-as-birthday gifts. And I am always glad she has such a special birthday.

Setback: The only thing Finn wasn't happy to receive was a nasty cold, courtesy of his non-existent immune system. Everyone who has come in contact with him has been, and continues to remain healthy. So it must have been one of those cold bugs for almost 2-year-olds with non-existent immune systems. Great. Can't this kid catch a break? So we're back in to the doc on Monday to make sure this isn't going to get scary again, since his cough is picking back up. Ugh. So I've been playing Nurse Mama again, hence the lack of time to take photos (or wash dishes, or do laundry...)

Success: The happiest thing I heard all day yesterday was that my little Bro and fab girlfriend Katia are now officially ENGAGED!!!! Weeeee!!! We are so excited to have Katia as part of the family. Could this mean a wedding in Greece next year? Oh please, oh please! They are headed back here to spend the rest of the week with us, and my parents. We are going to celebrate Wes's big fat 30th birthday on New Year's Day. Yep—a New Year's baby. (Man! All of these holiday babies!) Sure to be a good time. :)

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Ali said...

Congrats to Greg! Hope little Finn is OK and gets well soon. I found out today that Gavin has another ear infection. Ahhh, the joys of Winter.

Creole Wisdom said...

Merry Christmas!

I am praying for Finn : )

Katia is a cutie. Greece wedding would be fabulous!