Sans the tubes

Well, I decided against posting the photos of Finn right after surgery when he was all "tubed up." Friends and family would take one look at him and start crying. Sometimes I would, too. So these 2 were taken with my iPhone day before yesterday when he got the ventilator tube out and I was able to hold him for the first time since surgery. And you can't see the chest tubes in these, so that is rather nice.

Today is a good day because I just got a text that Finn was smiling and drinking "Appoh" Juice and a few bites of pancakes and lots of yogurt! I was glad to hear about his first smile in a LOOOOONG time. And it's a relief that he is eating, because now they probably won't have to insert a feeding tube. So as Alicia said in one of her comments, "Go Finn, Go!"

He is virtually tube-free at this point. Both chest tubes are gone, oxygen is off. He still wears an apnea monitor and has a PICC line IV for medications (and various little heart monitors and blood pressure cuffs at random times, but not permanently). So last night we were able to unhook him, and Wes strolled us around the hospital in a wheel chair. He didn't say so to me personally, but I think Finn was greatly relieved to get out of that bed! Hopefully tomorrow it will be out of the PICU and onto the regular children's floor.

Now I am off to sleep for 4 hours. Sigh of relief.

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Babeich said...

I concur...go Finn go!!!!

stephanie said...

oh i am so glad he is doing well. phew.

Emily Ruth said...

We are so glad Finn is on the upswing now---what a blessing: )