I am lounging (and by lounging I mean sitting in the navy blue vinyl recliner) in Finn's hospital room. It's been a rough day.
My body's reaction is to indulge. So here I am eating a King Size Nestle ice cream sandwich, and blogging with sticky fingers. Totally worth those 10 g's of fat! Finn's PICC line--an IV planted straight into his main artery--is infected. So since 5am today they've been poking, testing, diagnosing, and treating. It was another one of those "glad I didn't spontaneously go into labor" kind of stress-test days. Will this kid ever catch a break?! Seriously. We have an awesome nurse today who got his new IV in on the first try. But seeing as every one of his five different IV attempts has gone awry, I won't get overly excited just yet. Finn is sleeping, on new antibiotics, and working on a fever. He's had a bad day, so hopefully tomorrow is better!

My other indulgence is another vampire series, called the Blue Bloods series. If you can get past the onslaught of Haute Couture of NYC's vampiric teen society elite, they are addictive! Perfect read for the hospital--just distracting enough to keep me sane, just intriguing enough to keep me hooked, just light enough to wear off and allow room for medical jargon. Not Twilight, but worth a read if you love teen vampire lit (who AM I?!). :) Don't tell my college literature professors...

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Vanessa said...

Hi, I happened upon your blog from NieNie;s, and noticed you were talking about Blue Bloods. I'm reading Revelations right now! :) I too have been sucked (pun intended) into vampire teen lit. Just thought I'd let you know that you're not the only Momma who digs them!

Happy Holidays & Best Wishes to your little one!