Home again, home again, jiggity jog!

We're home! I have a very sleepy Finn napping next to me in the big bed, and I have plenty of internet access again. Finn can't walk, simply because he has been bed-ridden since Thanksgiving ("Has it been THAT long?" Yes, yes it has). But I am helping him explore the house a little at a time, so he remembers how much he loves other parts of the house, and not just the bed.

For all of you that have been faithfully following my photo-free posts, I have a bunch for you today! I debated over whether or not to post the ones of Finn all tubed-up. But really, I didn't take any photos of him at his absolute worst, and I do want to document his stages for my own personal journalistic reasons. It's so strange to go back and look at the last 17+ days in photos. My mind starts to block out certain days. Like the days when I was going through all the stages of grief in a compressed period (yep—all the stages, in order, complete with full bargaining sessions with God...good thing I didn't document those days on camera, since I have no problem repressing them completely).

I am just so unbelievably thankful to be out of the hospital and AT HOME in my own house with my baby boy. I can't say enough for the good folks over at Banner Desert. They are an amazing children's hospital. And I won't think of taking any of my children anywhere else if I ever have another emergency (birth doesn't count...since little "I have a name, but we're not sharing it" will be born somewhere else). But for emergencies, Banner Desert, here I come. Every single person we encountered was extraordinary with Finn—and with us, too, for that matter. And a large, all-encompassing "thank you" with tear-pricked eyes to everyone who prayed, fasted, sent good thoughts, happy texts, encouraging blog comments, and pick-me-up e-mails. We are very blessed. And home in time for Christmas, to boot!

We are by no means out of the clear. Finn's going to be in quarantine lock-down this season, seeing as RSV and the flu are now floating around out there waiting to get it. And please do not feel hurt if we don't shake your hand at church, or we deny your request to visit. I am sure you understand. :) Blogs are so nicely germ free, aren't they?

Alright. Here is Finn's progress, a la photographie...

Finn the night before surgery. Looks totally happy, right? Apparently he had everyone fooled, which is what landed us in this situation from the beginning:

Finn just out of surgery in the PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit):

Chest therapy to loosen the fluid in his lungs.
"Tap tap tap" ... "Cough cough cough" (then suction):

"I know you're there Mom. You'd better not leave!!":

Finally getting to hold Finn after they took all of the chest tubes out:

Out of the PICU and up on the third floor of the children's wing.
Still a little puffy from all those IV fluids, but happy to be awake:

Finn's sweet crib set-up. Toys and books galore:

Sleepy boys:

Checking out Oopha's heart rate and lungs:

"I'm going home today! Better eat some lollipops to celebrate." (The yellow sock is protecting the IV in his arm—the bajillionth IV they had to put in, poor boy!):

Home again!! Resting and a little playing:


As the night has progressed, Finn has become happier and happier to be home. He even insisted on coming out into the living room and playing with his cars while sitting carefully on the coffee table. And he discovered the Christmas tree and presents, and ate the hugest dinner I've seen him eat in a month. We are all snuggling in bed together tonight. Wes just turned on The Grinch, and Finn is rubbing his eyes. A great night's sleep is sure to be had by all!

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stephanie said...

oh, i'm so so happy for you guys. it's going to be a beautiful christmas.

Babeich said...

This is the best news I will hear all week. Happy Christmas!!!

O'Loughlin Family said...

That is so awesome! We've been hoping for that Christmas blessing. I know your Christmas wil lbe so much better now with him there.

Lee said...

I don't know if there will ever be a more appropriate time to say this, welcome home. Might I add that Lyndsay you look like a supper model through all this.

Ginger John said...

Yay!! I'm so happy you guys made it home in time for Christmas. The picture of Finn and the "checking out" his oompha is so adorable. Hugs!

Shorty said...

So glad to hear you guys are all home together! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Lybi said...

Yea! You are home! I'm so happy for you guys to finally be home snuggling and watching movies. Those pictures made me cry, though. (Don't worry, I don't mind crying.) He's just such a sweet little boy! By the way, I will not be dropping by anytime soon to drop off an In-n-Out burger. I have the flu! But I still love you guys! Just from a distance....

Cardigan Empire said...

Hooray for Finny - it's a Christmas miracle. Thanks for sharing and keeping us focused on what's really important.

Unknown said...

Nice to se Finn is OK :-)

Have a great Christmas and an amazing new year!


Ali said...

tears of joy are streaming my face for you! Looks like you will get the grandest Christmas gift of all.