The saddest/sweetest baby boy in town

After a VERY long day with doctors and X-Rays, we came home with a VERY sick Finn. He has pneumonia. Oh those perfect little lungs. How sad they are. Well, the left lung, at least. He's in for a long week of feeling junky. Hopefully the marvels of modern medicine will start to work their wonders even tonight. I will be doing lots of doting/mothering/worrying/nursing this week. We're in for some long nights. I'll post with a good health update hopefully sooner than later. Please say an extra prayer for Finn. I am sure he can use it!

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dandee said...

Oh, that sweet boy...how sad! I will keep him and you, my dear, in my prayers. I'm sure you will need them too.

Lee said...

We need a post telling us he is doing better! Poor little guy. :(