He'll make you look good from any angle

Attention! You need to drop what you are doing and call Wes Johnson Photography if:
• Your most recent family portraits include bad perms and shoulder pads.
• Your framed toddlers are actually entering middle school this year.
• Your wedding is fast approaching, and you still haven't found the photographer to immortalize your big day.
• You are planning to settle on Sears as your photographer-of-choice this holiday season.
• Your brand new baby is growing older by the minute.
• You want to capture some general cuteness to share with others this holiday season.

Lots of good reasons for new photos, right? Want one more?
Wes Johnson Photography is offering 30% off ALL photo packages booked before the end of the year.

This is a big deal, let me tell you. Weddings, families, engagements, pregnancy/baby, and any other photographic needs you can dream up. Sure this is a shameless plug for my talented husband. But you won't be disappointed. And you won't find a better photographer in the Valley. I've included some samples below. Better hurry up and book him...

Visit his website at www.wesjohnsonphoto.com. For questions, pricing, and booking, e-mail him at wesjohnson@mac.com.
(To contact Wes directly, his number is listed on the website.)

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dandee said...

Your husband is so very talented! If only we lived closer...

Shorty said...

You make me want to drive out to the Valley just for a photo shoot! Maybe if you guys come back to Texas.... hmmm... Love the pictures! Very talented guy!

Lee said...

This would make for a very nice Christmas present...hmmmm. I will have to use my eyes and look cute. :)