Finn at 21 months

Warning: this could be boring for anyone other than immediate family.
Grandparents Beauchamp and Johnson—get comfy!

I thought it might be a good idea to document all the things Finn says. I met a little 21 month old girl at church the other day. She was saying things like "Be nice, Daddy," and "Not Orangutan, Chimpanzee!" Pu-leeze. I was in shock. Finn laughed at her.

Finn is way more interesting with his signature "Oopha" for elephant, and his binkie (aka "uh-oh") hanging out of his mouth...plus he's way too busy creating 15 individual sounds for motorized vehicles!

Uh-oh and Binkie—Uh-oh
Apple (and banana, for that matter)—Appo
Hopper, as in grasshopper—Hoppo
Water (or any liquid)—WaWa
The regular Mama, Dadda, Papa
Boat/fish/fishing—Buh Boh (what tha?!)
Bubble—Bubbo (not to be confused with Buh Boh)
Bubble Bath—Bub buh (not putting them together just yet, I guess) :)
Nose—Nase (the Danish word for nose sounds like "naysa")
Wet diaper—Teese (the Danish word for going numero uno sounds like "Tisa")
Thanks—TA! (with a smile)
No—NyeNyeNye! (The Danish word for No is Nej, which sounds like Nye)
Koda (the dog)—Da (called while hitting leg like "come here!")
Hot and Light—Hot
Up—Up, Up!
Sandwich/Butter Bread—Buh Baa (he does a lot of very similar B sounds)
I'm hungry—mmmMMMmmm
E-i-e-i-o—Uh Uh Ooooohhhhhh

Duck (the famous duck quack that sounds like the word "duck" at the same time)
Cow (sounds more like "boo" than "moo")
Horse (cutest whinny ever)
Sheep and Goat (baaaa)
Bug—Tssssss Tssssss (??)
Snake—pretty similar to bug :)
Trucks/cars/airplanes/boats/helicopters/you name it

He knows most body parts in English and Danish if we ask him where they are (I mean, he's going to throw his hand up in question and asks "Huh?" if we say "Where's your ankle, Finn?". In fact I just tried it and he did just that, and reached for a truck, to see if that would work.)

He does sweet and darling things like when I am typing on my laptop, and he is watching Blues Clues (right now), he sits next to me with his hand on my shoulder. Does is all the time. And when he's sleepy, he crosses his arms, and tilts his head like he's laying down, while letting out a sleepy sigh. When he's chilly, he brings his arms in and "shivers" while saying a version of "brrrrrr" to let me know he needs a warm snuggle.

He'll talk on the phone and have long—hilarious—conversations with the imaginary person on the other end, cracking up the entire time. He has recently started doing lots of blabbity strings of "talking," which makes me think actual sentences might be on the horizon.

If I don't quite pay attention to something he is saying, he gets RIGHT in my face and says it louder, just to make sure I get the point. He gives kisses (Muwah!)—but ONLY on the lips. And sometimes they are French kisses... And he loves "tickle fingers." He comes at us, hunched down, arms in, fingers wiggling close to his face: "I'm gonna get you and give you a tickle, Mom!!"

He examines the movies on our movie shelves. He takes them off, one by one, turns them over, studies them for a while (as if he's reading the backs), and puts it back to do the same to 7 or so other movies. When he finds the one he wants (usually Bug's life, or "Memo"), he hands it over and points at the TV. Wes is proud—a fellow film appreciator (not TV brainwashed kiddo). Finn watches some part of the movie Babe every single day. Usually just before a nap, lying in the middle of our king sized bed, legs crossed, arms folded behind his head, propped up just enough.

Even though he may not be saying a gazillion words, he knows exactly what we are saying and asking. He will retrieve toilet paper for me when I am stranded, and fish my phone out of the diaper bag if I need it. And he is keenly aware of the fact that there is a baby in my tummy. He kisses her, pats her, and offers her his "Uh-oh." Just now his foot was on my stomach and she kicked him. He gasped in surprise, and then proceeded to try to kick her back. It's starting already...

(I just spell-checked this, and half of it was hi-lighted. Ha! Love you baby boy...or is it big boy?!)

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Ali said...

Sounds like Finn and Luke are on the same page! Luke isn't saying too much either, but boy does he understand. His words are coming more and more everyday and it is fun to watch and listen to him.

Tiffany M. said...

Not boring to aunts either!

Asha de L'arbres said...

I love that Finn tried to go for an eye for an eye already with baby girl! :~D