My controversial husband

Lately Wes has been testing his readers' limits with his blog posts. It has been a chuckle to watch. It's interesting the personality traits that come out of the woodwork during a time like this. You learn things about the people in your circle (friends, readers, neighbors) that would otherwise never surface. One thing that really has struck me is how adamant certain commenters (on his posts) have been that he needs to change his views/opinions, and man, some don't let up. But isn't a blog a personal place to voice those opinions? And how boring would it be without the Wes Johnson's in the world to stir the pot (and he's not even really stirring too hard). He's a good writer, I'll give him that, and the boy does his research (often into the wee hours of the morning after I am fast asleep). Anyhoo, he doesn't need me as an advocate. He knows exactly how I feel about him. He knows exactly where he's going. 

And speaking of going somewhere, his career seems to be doing just that. He's heading towards a shift in "tographies." Photography gone cinematography. It's been a brave move. He has the talent and drive to make that move. In an effort to round out his fast-approaching submission to film school, he has one more short film under his belt. Didn't even know he was working on a short? That's because he only wrote it last Thursday. We took a mad dash to Texas so that he could collaborate with Red Productions, and voila! To read more about the experience, visit his blog HERE. Nothing controversial about this post—a lot of filmmaking jargon, maybe—unless you take issue with goldfish crackers posing as communion crackers (uh-oh....). 

Tomorrow is our 5 year anniversary. (Wes never likes to do things on the actual day they happen.) So, Wes, Happy Anniversary on Halloween! Your present wrapped in tin foil will be still arrive tomorrow, however. :) Thanks for ensuring our lives are never boring! I couldn't have it any other way. 

Sunday we leave for a 5 day trip up to Monument Valley, and other all-important Arizona destinations that will be all-new to me! I am excited for some cold weather and time on the road. 

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KatieJ said...

Happy Anniversary! And that is very exciting about Wes's film! I had to pop over to his blog- Sam mentioned that he was stirring up some political controversy among his conservative friends... I can't figure out why people think it's ok to say MEAN things to people just because they don't agree on politics- say your opinion but be nice, no name calling and personal insults!

Babeich said...

You know what's funny is that Bryan has had the same problem this political season, but it has been from our more liberal friends. They ask for his opinion, and when it is not their opinion, they just slam him to his face for having his opinion. I always like my dad's phrase, and use it in situations where I don't agree with someone, "let's just respectfully agree to disagree." :) The world would be pretty boring if we all agreed on everything, but I think that there is a respectful way to go about things when responding and I feel bad for Wes.