Great Debate '08

I know I haven't said much as of yet about the current major decision weighing on all of our minds. And I think it's quite time that I discuss the issues. Now, we can't always get what we want, I'm finding, and I really do want to make an educated decision. So I have done my research, and have come to only one conclusion. We are obviously not going to get everything we want from one or the other. So we have to just choose whichever side offers the closest options to what we are looking for—the best solution given the current circumstances. And for me, what it really comes down to is Reese's Pieces.

I mean, why the HECK doesn't anyone offer a delicious, frozen treat that has those crunchy, chocolate-peanut-buttery morsels mixed with creamy goodness, for heaven's sake?! I remember a day when I could roll through the DQ and they would say "One Reese's Pieces Blizzard, coming right up!" (Or even a Nerds Blizzard, but that is definitely a bygone era.) And then they would do the fancy shmancy upside down showmanship that made you think it would come tumbling into your lap, right before handing you a perfectly blended dessert. But alas, those days must be over, because last night I was met with, "No, but we DO have Reese's Peanut Butter Cups..." It's those blasted cups! I love them in and of themselves, but they just aren't totally doing it for me getting all mixed up with that ice cream. So Sonic, of course, would be a good bet, right? Wrong-o! Here's how that when down:

Chipper drive-thru guy: "Welcome to Sonic. Can I take your order?"
Wes: "Do you have Reese's Pieces Blasts?
Liar of a drive-thru guy: "Sure do!"
Wes: "Great! My pregnant and picky wife needs a REESE'S PIECES Blast posthaste."
Clearly ignorant drive-thru guy: "Sure thing! One Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Blast, coming right up!"

I mean, what tha?! Why can't they just deliver what they promise?! Isn't that always the problem with these places—never delivering what they say they will?

So, readers, what I am faced with is a tough decision. Which is the better frozen goodness? On one hand, I still get peanut butter and chocolate. And I still get ice cream. Not a far cry from my beloved Reese's Pieces. But on the other hand, is it worth it to even pay patronage to either establishment at all? Should I just settle for a Frosty at Wendy's? And we all know that nut job of a McD's won't see me pulling up at their late night window. So upon careful deliberation, I have chosen DAIRY QUEEN! The DQ gets my vote for the creamy quality of their ice cream. And that's what is really holding the whole thing together in the end, isn't it? Sonic's ice cream was just too grainy. Sure, DQ's ice cream melts a tiny bit faster, and I think I might be packing on those pregnancy pounds a bit too much, but man it sure hits the spot!

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stephanie said...

mmm. reese's pieces. have you ever had the huge egg kind they sell at easter. pure heaven, i tell you.

Babeich said...

You know what's funny is right before I read this I asked if someone was eating peanut butter b/c it smells like peanut butter in our department. Are you here? :)

You know what you would have loved- there is a restaurant called "Friendly's" and they had a RP sundae. It was amazing!

And Nerd blizzards, you had to bring that up and make me all sad that they dont' have them anymore.

How about when you come over Saturday we try to make them? ;)

Emily Ruth said...

Totally with ya. Don't get me wrong---all things peanut butter/chocolate are good. I like the cups, I do. But the PIECES are where it's at. DQ does it right. Shall we endulge our pregnant bellies together sometime?

Emily Ruth said...

I meant INdulge. Where has my pregnant brain gone?

Emily Ruth said...

OK. P.P.S.--I dedicated my latest post to you. Enjoy; )

Emily Ruth said...

I thought, "Well, I left 3 already. What's one more?"

Jill said...

Do you have a Magic Bullet? Get yourself a Magic Bullet at Target for like $50 and then you can use the ice cream of your choice and all the reese's pices you can handle to make your very own "blizzard". It really is the perfect solution. You dont even have to leave home!

I own said Magic Bullet and will happily deliver. Call me next time you are mid-craving! I owe you!

Babeich said...

Jill is a genius, and I am going to buy a Magic Bullet so that I can make Nerd Blizzards again. Thank you, Jill!!!

jt said...

Do you live near Nielson's frozen custard? They have the reeses pieces concretes.