Fact #1: Our blood conducts electricity. Water with soluble salts in it (like blood) are a conductor.

Fact #2 (plus 2 extra mini bonus facts): In pregnancy, blood volume increases 40-50%. OK, now let's just take a moment to acknowledge the fact that the body just spontaneously makes more blood during pregnancy. Out of what? Plus, the body also creates an organ from scratch—the placenta. The baby, on the other hand, happens because 2 things come together to create something new. But the placenta and blood are miraculous occurrences, no? Crazy. Cool. Crazy Cool.

And here is my X-Files moment:
The other night I was tracing the glowing apple logo on the outside of my closed, plugged-in laptop with my finger. The more I circled the apple, the more the computer seemed to "purrr." I asked Wes to try it. He did, and felt nothing. He said I was feeling the texture of the metal. But it's smooth... So I tried again. "Puuuurrrrrr." So I told him to come back over. No luck for him again. I took his hand and showed him just how I was doing it. And he felt it! But ONLY when I was touching his hand. In fact, all he had to do was touch the laptop while I touched his hand, and INSTANT PURR! Weird. Wes said, "You're conducting elecricity!! Remember when you told me you have more blood right now? Blood conducts electricity!" Cool. And strange. It was a total sci-fi moment.
(Ooooo eeeee oooo oooo eeeeeee ooooo...)

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Babeich said...

Every time I see the title to this blog - I have the electric slide song stuck in my head. Thanks for that. :|