Allergy Me

Wes just walked past me and asked what I am doing. Well, what should I have said? "Tattooing my face with text in Photoshop in bright colors..." I muttered something like "nuffinatall." And he bought that because for the past 24 hours I have been talking through a Kleenex, and he can't understand much of what I am saying anyway. I am afflicted. Woah is me. I have been having one of those dreaded allergy attacks that sometimes come my way. But I haven't had one in over a year! Miraculous, really, all thanks to a break-through new allergy treatment that I am in love with. But then I remembered what happened when I was about 5 months prego with Finn. I started getting uncontrollable allergy attacks at work. Hmmmm. The reason? Well, mostly hormones. And it's worst in the 2nd trimester (woo hoo). But my doctor also told me that sometimes women's bodies view the growing fetus as something foreign to be allergic to. I am allergic to my baby. Again. Way to go body, let's completely miss the mark on that one! So today I will be drinking fizzy Coke and cleaning the house like a mad woman. Because that is what I do when I have allergies. All those little allergens having a party in my head have to focus their energy somewhere, and it always manifests itself as a vacuuming, Windexing, sneezefest.

(As far as the photo above goes, I thought I would save you all the cringe factor that a "Lyndsay-at-the-moment photo might cause. So I went with something a little more glamorous. Please try to remember me that way when you next see me, and my nose is peeling as an after effect of all the wiping/blowing/sneezing. Thanks.)

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Melanie M. McKinnon said...

I am suffering from the same thing right now. My eyes are rejecting my contacts day after day. So you are not alone in the nose peeling area. But vaseline overnight can fix that right up.

Lybi said...

Oh I am so sorry, Lyndsay! How long does this affliction usually last? Hopefully not the rest of the pregnancy!

KatieJ said...

I'm sorry you're suffereing! But I think that is a pretty picture- I get more busy when I have allergies, but I think it's the psudoeffedrine (I don't know how that's spelled) in the medicine I take that gets me going :)