Do you Shamu?

We do! And we're back from a rather sunny and unexpectedly hot trip to San Diego (or as Anchorman Ron Burgundy would pronounce it, "San Diago"). Why do I travel? To get sick, apparently. I spent one entire Saturday in Urgent Care with Croupy Finn. Then the rest of the trip I nursed a bad head cold-turned-chest cold which still refuses to leave me alone. Then there was the cold stickiness at night accompanied by sunburned scalps during the day. But there was still fun to be had! And I have yet to upload any photos, so come back tomorrow for some photo-documentation of Finn greeting seagulls, elephants (aka "oophas"), and other San Diegoan wildlife.

On another note, I am HUNGRY! Do you know what that means? Do ya?! It means I am no longer NAUSEATED! I would never have been able to let myself get to this hungry state while the sickies were kicking in. I kept hunger (and some of the nausea) at bay by eating every few hours. So now I am blogging and enjoying my rumbly tumbly! Hooray for placentas taking over hormone production. Cheese quesadilla, here I come.

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Lee said...

Ya, you are back! Let the fun post begin! :) It has been pretty boring without you in the blog world these last couple weeks.

Lybi said...

Oh welcome back to the world of eating! Congratulations, the 60 day flu is over!