And because no day would be complete without a good dessert...

Bottom layer: Peanut Butter
Middle layer: Chocolate Pudding
Top layer: Reddi Whip

Nutritious? No.
Deeply Satisfying? Absolutely!!

(This would probably be delicious with a little graham cracker crust.....mmmmmm.....I might be on to something in my pregnant state.)

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Lybi said...

Yummy! I love it when it is possible to make yummy stuff with less than 5 ingredients. I love the idea of the graham cracker crust.

There are very few deserts that could not be improved by good peanut butter, imho. I like the natural kind that's made with palm kernal oil, so you don't have to stir it. Yummers.

Melanie M. McKinnon said...

that sounds awesome right now. you win for the best and easiest desert ever!