Tally Ho...

Finn: "Ahhh? Ahhhhh?"
Translation: "Mom! How the heck can I speedily get on that double decker carousel over yonder?!"

Me: "Look, Finn! Let's go ride that excellent carousel! You're gonna love it!"

-- Pay $5, mount cool looking deer that I am sure will remind Finn of Grandpa Johnson. --

Finn: "Uh-Oh. Uh-Oh. UH-OOOOHHHHH!"
Translation: "UH-OH! What the Tally-Heck did I get myself into!? Gimme that pacifier that I also happen to call my Uh-Oh for some soothing emotional help here...DON'T let go of me, lady!"

-- he spent the rest of the ride looking dubious, clutching my arm, and trying to see if I would hold him, instead. --

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Nichole said...

how cute!!!

Is that the same carousel that was in Wes' production recently?

Anonymous said...

So cute!

Holly Adams

Asha de L'arbres said...

How fun! I take it this is his first carousel ride? Marvelous!

Landra Lynn said...

Awww! Precious!