Life on Lake Granbury

Here's what I have been up to: Rest, rest, and more rest! And it seems to have paid off! My body has agreed to calm down (for what I hope is a good long while), and I am scheduled to come home tomorrow. But of course I have been given orders not to lift things over 20 lbs, or TRY to avoid it if I can (guess who wighs 25 lbs..). And I am still going to try to take it easier. There's no doubt I WAY overdid it the first two weeks at my parents' house. I was toting Finn all over, up and down stairs, and was completely exhausted at the end of the day because Finn wouldn't let anyone else care for him. But guess what? As soon as I COULDN'T take care of him, he was great (as long as I was out of his sight). My parents said he was a dreamboat for them for a few days before Wes came to sweep him away back to Phoenix. Of course he's a handful, but apparently he's a tornado-ish handful when I am in the picture. So it will be intersting to see what he'll be like when I return.

Today was my first day out of bed (and into chairs, mostly) since last Friday. I was really not prepared for how weak I am! Guess who gets to roll through the airport tomorrow in a wheelchair? I totally did not think this was on the level of wheelchair. But seeing as getting up to wash my face had me sitting doing breathing exercises on the ledge of the tub so as not to pass out, I guess a long walk through the airport might be too much for lazy Lyndsay. So despite all the drama, I really do think I am on the mend, and little Johnson #2 seems to be hanging in there at 9.5 weeks. :)

While I was in bed I finished all 700 and something pages of Breaking Dawn in about 3 days (anyone else?). And as much as I enjoyed most of the "saga," I am glad to be moving on to something new, and maybe more along the lines of "could actually happen in real life" lit. I have viewed a slew of thoroughly girly movies with my mom, including Becoming Jane, Elizabeth the Golden Age, and (ugh...yes) Definitely, Maybe (which I actually, possibly enjoyed). I even managed to give my brows a good groom, and deep-conditioned my hair. I have nothing left I can possibly do. It's absolutely time to come home! I have had the best, doting care I could have. I am so grateful that I was able to really rest and recuperate while being able to yell "MO-OM!" :)

Here are some shots from the first week in TX:




Now I'm off to watch the opening cermonies of the Olympics!

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Asha de L'arbres said...

Yay! I'm glad you are feeling better, even if you are a little weaker. Maybe you can get in a wheelchair race at the airport! ;)

Emily Ruth said...

Wahooo! Man, this next little Johnson sure knows how to get noticed; ) I'm glad baby and mamma are doing Fantabulous! Love you guys---and Come Home! We need you at Mo's Party!(If you can make it).

MIMOM2 said...

I am so glad that you are feeling better and able to get home to your boys. I am sure they are missing their mommy:)

Ginger John said...

Yay, I've been worried! I'm so glad you are doing better! Take it easy girl.

**P.s. Breaking Dawn rocked. I read it within the first 24 hours after I got it. It was Amazing. Did you try those books I told you about. I think the first one was called Blue Bloods and the 2nd was Masquerade. Really good! Give 'em a try!

hugs -ginger