It's what I do

As many of you know, I design blog banners. I have been branching out and swimming into the deep and unfamiliar waters of HTML. I DO NOT like HTML. It is difficult for me to navigate. But I am getting better! I recently transformed a blog from the basic Blogger Scribe template that looks something like this:

Yes, I am patting myself on the back. It's not so easy to to get rounded corners in this template, and somehow I pulled it off. So if you need a blog revamp, just visit my blog banner link at the right!

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KatieJ said...

That blog is very pretty! Good job.

Dennis & Cherise said...

Great Job! I am going to school for web design, but that doesn't mean I have learned anything yet lol. I am still in the required boring classes,nothing too fun yet. Though I can do a myspace layout real easy...I still learning how blogger is set up lol.

heather rene said...

This looks so great! The rounded corners are perfect. I think my blog could use some artful re-arranging...maybe I'll drop you a line. I discovered you through Glitz (I'm a customer--yeah Glitz!) and have also admired Nie's blog for quite some time. Thanks!