I have to clear something up. In all of the whirlwind of donation auctions and benefit sales on behalf of Stephanie, there has been some confusion. While I have been donating my design services to this cause, I am not affiliated with "Headers for Nie Nie." With similar design themes on many of the donation and auction sites, I can see how it can become confusing. But I want to make sure this designer gets the credit for her banner designs. Visit HERE, if you would like to visit her site. (You know where to find mine.) It's true that I am not offering banners at this time as part of the fund-raising efforts, and I appreciate the suggestions to do so. I already have plans to donate other goodies to the Benefit Sale in September. I am sure everyone is offering as much support as they can.

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Jill said...

Your current header is FANTASTIC! I love it!

gina said...

I agree.. I love your header. My sister and I adore ours! Thanks again. (I will email you after my trip with an update with your shirts.) Chow, Gina

Asha de L'arbres said...

I must agree with the above ladies! I absolutely love your header! It's marvelous!