Guest rooms and heirlooms

So here we are in Granbury, TX. As is the case almost every time I spend time with my parents, Finn and I got sick immediately upon arriving. I am certain we won't recover until our return trip.We've spent some breezy evenings on the boat and swimming in the lake (which Finn loved), and some hot mornings at the pool (which Finn wasn't thrilled about unless clinging to one of us like a baby chimp). I admit I thought I would be getting tons of R&R while Finn happily played with Greg, Katia, my Mom and Dad. But instead, Finn has decided to reach a developmental milestone which involves screaming every time he is put in a grocery cart (or enters the sliding doors of any store), screams in distress as soon as he wakes up (or is tired), won't eat dinner (unless it's bananas and blueberries),and generally cries and fusses if it's not ME holding (feeding, playing with, bathing, incessantly carrying, changing) him. I am totally exhausted. Not to mention I feel like throwing up if I am not eating every 2 hours, and it's 106 degree humidity heat, and I am sick with a cold (or the like). Whew. That's a lot of complaining! I am moody, so I felt like complaining first.

But I have had lots of delightful events happen, as well! We get to see Greg and Katia every day (spledid). I was able to hang out with my good friend Sean from college days in Denton. I have managed to watch a few movies from beginning to end other than Babe (not at the actual theater, but it's still quite a feat for me). I've gotten some bonafide sun on this pasty pale body o' mine. Yesterday my Mom and I went to buy fabric to make skirts. And today I am actually able to write an entire post while Finn is distracted by small barnyard animals (toys, of course).

Yesterday my Mom gave me this wonderful coral bracelet that was her Aunt's:
I have one other bracelet that was Aunt Herbie's (her nickname). It is silver and coral, as well, and I adore it. So I was thrilled to be gifted a second! And I toted around my Granny's vintage brown leather Coach bag yesterday, all the while feeling rather stylish as the memories of two great ladies traveled around with me for the day.
While hunting through some photo albums, my Mom found this poem she wrote when she was 13 (in hot pink ink). I thought it was 13-year-old brilliance:
To a Bird Now Defunct by the Claw of our Cat
by Cristen Ward -- 13 yrs. old
Sweet bird with yellow tail bringing joy into our lives,
Until a sticking claw hit your breast like horrid knives.
After the cats were spanked I picked you up with a loving hand,
And now you're nestled in the trash beside a coffee can.
Lemony Snicket, eat your heart out.

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Jill said...

It always feels good to get the complaints off your chest and then move on to the good stuff!

Sorry! Hang in there!

Ellen and Sharon said...

We loved the poem that Cristen wrote! We didn't know about that talent!

Babeich said...

Your mom is the best. That is really great!

Emily Ruth said...

Great Post. And I gotta say your complaints are pretty mild to what I remember doing when I was preggers. And all your fun vintage treasures? Ultra cool. Glad you are still managing some fun in between sniffles and Finns tears. Oh how I can't wait for Morris to see that milestone; )(said dripping in sarcasm)

Asha de L'arbres said...

Love Love Love! Your mom's poem, not to mention the gorgeous bracelet! Hooray! I hope you get over the nauseous stage soon! xoxo

Ali said...

I tired these things when the barfing wouldn't stop: B12 supplements, ginger ale, preggie pops, and and bio band, which is an acupressure wrist band that is supposed to stop motion sickness, and many pregnant women and my doctor swear by them. I wore that thing for 5 months, and felt nausea everyday. But maybe it will work for you! good luck!