Where's Lyndsay?

"Ugh....Lyndsay hasn't posted since Monday? Where IS she?" (Jenny..."Where IS the Wrigley Mansion??")
I'll tell you where she's been—working, working, working!! It's Glitz season again. (Don't know what Glitz is? See HERE.) So I am busy creating new and fun things for the scrapbooker in you. Although Ginger—one of the founders—would want it to be the "scrapbooker in me," too, I am sure. :) Anyhoo, I cannot show you what I have been creating, since the whole wide scrapbooking world might steal our ideas. But I can show you some fun projects created (by other talented people) with Glitz products, all of which I had the pleasure of designing:

These little doozies are called roller doodles, and are featured in this high-falutin' magazine. The genius Glitz girls thought they would be a fun blast from the past (remember 3rd grade?!). They are little roller stamps, and last night I had a dream that we made a huge one that required both hands just to hold. Roller doodles are something I can really see myself using. They are super fun and super pink (just the handle, of course).

The two designs above are from last season's (or do I say the "current season in stores") Rhapsody line.

This one is created using the Camelot line.

Now go be creative!!

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Nichole said...

you stuff rocks!

Babeich said...

I love your "Where IS the Wrigley mansion?" comment. Ok - so I officially signed up for my blog - and I owe you an e-mail. I miss you!!!

KatieJ said...

Ginger gave me a bag of Glitz goodies for my birthday and I keep looking at them and dreaming of the day I will be able to sit down and create! (Oh, I'm sitting here blogging now, hmm...)

MIMOM2 said...

Great JOB!! Super cute! Good luck with your deadlines - I know you will be able to get it all done - Super Mommy!